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We are Prague company specializing in a complete turnkey production of periodicals.

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Welcome to our pages of Impax, spol. s r.o., your supplier of periodical printed materials, newsletters and e-zins.

Our services

We specialize in complete production of periodical printed materials

  • Our agency specializes in complete production of periodical printed materials: magazines, news magazines, bulletins, newspapers, etc. We provide full services from graphic design, typing, pre-printing preparation, editing, language and stylistic proofreading, across printing, distribution, up to providing advertising services.
  • Within the titles we publish or produce for our customers we are able to focus our media particularly on those Czech groups that are active in the area of law, as well as other professional groups.

 We have such portfolio of medial activities that enables us to hit these target groups in the Czech Republic effectively.

  • advocates (approx. 10000)
  • junior advocates (approx. 3500)
  • public prosecutors
  • notaries
  • public servants in high positions
  • company lawyers
  • financial consultants
  • managers of foreign companies

That all not only by means of the printed titles we represent on advertising basis, but also by means of on-line advertisement in specialized servers and participation in conferences and PR events.

Within promotional services we offer:

  • direct mail campaigns
  • corporate identity and PR
  • preparation and arrangement of design manuals