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We are Prague company specializing in a complete turnkey production of periodicals.

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Welcome to our pages of Impax, spol. s r.o., your supplier of periodical printed materials, newsletters and e-zins.

Magazines and new media

We do not work on printing magazines only :-). We understand that time is changing and we are changing with it. That is why we offer on-line and electronic products supplementing the printing to our most important customers:

  • Official websites of the Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic - redesign
  • Official websites of the Czech Bar Association - redesign
  • Official newsletter of the Czech Bar Association - turnkey
  • Official websites of the Bulletin of advocacy - turnkey
  • Official websites of Investment magazine - turnkey
  • Portal Insurance in practice - design
  • Portal Independent trade union of Police of the Czech Republic - turnkey

In our opinion, printed media still have their place in today's world, but their role is changing. Instead of information sources they become information filters whose task is to select the important facts from the torrent of internet information.