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We are Prague company specializing in a complete turnkey production of periodicals.

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Welcome to our pages of Impax, spol. s r.o., your supplier of periodical printed materials, newsletters and e-zins.

About us

Impax, spol. s r.o., a Czech graphic studio and advertising and communication agency, was established in 2004 on the basis of the previous long-time experience in the advertising branch. We provide services of graphic design, printing production, advertising and web design to our customers.

At present we also provide, apart from the common promotional full services, advertising services for the top Czech legal magazines (Bulletin of advocacy, Ad Notam, Investment magazine) and others.

From the beginning we have provided complete production or selected services of the whole range of magazines. Let's mention some of them: Jurisprudence, Epravo magazine, Green effect, Our Police, Investment magazine, Graduation bulletin, Journal of the Ministry of Environment, Bulletin of the Ministry of Environment, EIA, Guard and many other.